Shop Talk – Upping My Photo Game, New Necklaces, and More Goodies to Come!

Super excited about all the new goodies coming to Burrow & Bloom! Thanks for the positive response on Instagram & Facebook! I’m feeling inspired and ready to play! Tried out a new indoor photo spot, figuring I’ll need one soon with winter coming. Very happy with the results! Thank you for all your support on this journey!

This weekend I photographed, edited, and listed 16 new necklaces in the shop while Fox and Dadu did “guy stuff.” They did a painting estimate for a good friend, raked leaves, set up the new garden hose, and of course there was lots of playing outside. Gotta love father-son bonding with a side of mama getting stuff done!

I found an indoor spot for photographing items for my shop with great lighting and our wood floor as a new background option. Hurray for our sunny little bungalow! There was less editing needed before the photos were ready to be uploaded, yay!

After listing the new necklaces I rearranged my shop to incorporate the new wooden background among all the items with white backgrounds. Experimenting with the way it moves the eye through the page took me back to art school a bit.

I have stretchy jersey knit fabric on hand, ready to start making headbands I’ll be adding to the shop soon. Playing with different style options, in solid colors and patterns. They’ll take less time and materials to make, so in turn they’ll be more affordable gifts for yourself or someone special too!

I can hardly wait for all the supplies I have coming for making new silicone teething necklaces! Super excited about all the gorgous colors and shapes of the beads and how they’ll work with the colorful silk cord.

I also love getting to be part of the Etsy community, making real connections with other crafters like me! Planning to feature a new friend, a fellow mama Etsian, and her fantastic items for mom and baby on an upcoming blog post! Hint: one of her items was featured in one of my Treasury Tuesdays! Can you guess who it might be?

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