Hi there!

I’m Alyssa of Burrow & Bloom, the shop of whimsical doll slings for kids to carry their toys and teething necklaces for mom to rock while baby chops. I love creating colorfully charming jewelry and slings to make life easier and more beautifully fun for moms and their little ones.

Using fabric brimming with both modern and retro nature motifs and geometric silicone chew beads, I craft, photograph, edit, list, ship, and blog. Striving to balance it all with motherhood, self-care, and life in general. My husband and I recently returned to my hometown in central Florida with our precious little boy named Fox.

New post as often as this mama is able. Follow to be notified of new posts!

IG: @burrow.n.bloom

Facebook: Burrow and Bloom

Twitter: @burrowandbloom

Pinterest: @burrowbloom

Etsy: Burrow & Bloom

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