Crybabies of the World, Your Feelings are Valid and You are Not Alone

The Crybaby Club is a ‘girl gang’ that was started by six girls on Instagram and grew into something much more. From all around the world they came together to create a non-judgmental place of love and support for all of us tender yet tough ones who recognize that our emotions make us strong.

Celebrating the good and coming together to lift each other up through the bad. Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, the Crybabies are there for each other any time, day or night with authentic friendship, connection, understanding, validation, and solidarity.


Hearing how my fellow Crybabies support one another has been huge in reminding me to be gentler with myself. To talk to myself as I would a friend.  Learning to regard myself with love and acceptance. Practicing replacing negative self-talk with kindness instead.

While embracing seeming imperfections as strengths instead of weakness is difficult, having a group of like-hearted girls full of encouragement certainly makes it easier.

We can do this. No mater whater what it is. Even if it’s just getting out of bed that day. We believe in each other. Cheer each other on. Sharing the brave things we accomplish. Helping each other up when we stumble.

Being connected with such a truly amazing group of authentically awesome and kind girls from around the world does my heart and soul so much good. We’re not alone! Everywhere I go the Crybabies go with me. They get it.

We remind each other that it’s ok to feel your feelings. They’re not something to be ashamed of. Your feelings are valid.


I always feel better after a good cry, but ever since becoming a mom I’ve found it difficult to make time and space to let it out. If I can’t tend to my feelings in the moment it’s hard to find release later on. It’s something I still struggle with and, while I have my ups and downs, overall I believe I’m getting better. And the Crybabies remind me to take care of my tender heart without guilt.

When my son sees my Crybaby mug he always points out that it means it’s ok to cry. A message I definitely want imparted to him, especially in the world we live in today. It makes my heart happy that he’s getting it and giving it back.


The Crybaby Club also happens to be chalk full of creative girls who make all sorts of super awesome goodies! It’s been a tremendous example of girls supporting girls. In addition to generally supporting one another as friends, members are also regularly featured on the blog and I recently received my first Crybaby subscription box! It was brimming with enamal pins, prints, stickers, temporary tattoos, nail decals, post cards, a tote and more, along with a sweet thank you note and a list of all makers included! You can follow them on social media to find out when the next boxes will become available. Maybe someday my necklaces just might be included!

To learn more about or join up with The Crybaby Club:

Blog or Facebook

Instagram: @crybabygirlgang 

Twitter:  @crybabygirlgang 


Just one last note to say that this post was in no way sponsored or solicited. I just love this ‘girl gang’ so much I had to share!