Spring has a nice ring

Spring Break is always too short, but this year it was especially sweet.  Super ready to welcome spring, we set up a couple suction cup birdfeeders on our apartment windows.  Then potted a couple sapling blue spruce trees for our window sill and future yard.  I even got to do a little spring cleaning while daddy played with the little guy, hurray.

Even though it was still a bit too cold to venture outside for long, it was fun watching for birds at our feeders, anticipating when they would find it.  So sweet to finally spy a lady cardinal perched on our feeder, eating and spreading our seeds.

Small buds have appeared on some of the trees on our street.  Very much looking forward to all the flowers that will soon be blooming all over town.

Last year my little guy was a newborn, who would fall asleep shortly after we set out on a walk, trying to show him the flowers.  So we’re excited to experience the season through him now that he’s bigger.  Ready to get outside to play and explore.

For now he’s been enjoying playing with the water from the kitchen sink with daddy and splashing in the tub.  He seems to love water as much as I did when I was little.

Always looking forward to the next break, we’re planning a summer trip to Florida to see my family and our friends for the first time since we moved to Indiana three years ago.  Nervous about flying with a little one, but super excited to get to visit and for him to meet everyone.